Cultivating Promotoras and safe spaces to defend the wellness of the community mind, body and spirit.

Sisters of Color United for Education (SOCUE) is Colorado’s Oldest Promotora, community health worker program, currently operating from a culturally responsive shared spaces called HEAL Denver. Founded in 1989, SOCUE’s holistic health education utilizes an original, culturally responsive curriculum of Mind, Body and Spirit to address intergenerational cycles of health disparities rooted in historical trauma and train the next generation of community leaders that break economic, cultural, health and social barriers.


The fabric of the collaborative, is built on intentional, efficient cooperation and coordination within disenfranchised communities. By shedding light onto these shadows of historical and cultural trauma in the safety of a confidential group, SOCUE assists in transformation of participants’ sense of self: restoring an honoring identification with ancestry, rekindling a lost cultural dignity, and generating deeper understanding of how current conditions have become what they are.


All these factors contribute to wholeness, and from this new self-worth comes self efficacy and the ability to embrace change. Participants are now better able to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves, and to assume more responsibility for their community; they are empowered to access support services through community activism, advocacy, information exchange, and community wellness referrals.


Once trained, Promotor/a(s) then apply their knowledge and skills on behalf of the underserved in their own communities and neighborhoods. Building capacity of leaders to become advocates to address health, economic, cultural, and social barriers.