Creating Safe Spaces 

Unique partnerships leveraging wealth building opportunities through innovative investments, co-ownership, real estate and built environment utilizing asset based development that facilitate opportunities for communities to grow, thrive, and create social equity.


We are searching to purchase a new home and need your help. As we know, land and building ownership ensures that displacement efforts like these do not succeed again. Our community deserves a space where we can have food shares to ensure all children, families and individuals are fed. A space with a commercial kitchen to encourage small businesses to thrive and be the ones to lead efforts to feed our people healthy accessible food.

Our new home needs a space large enough where families can gather, celebrate and HEAL our bodies and minds.Where we can engage in movement and meditation classes, Aztec dancing groups, yoga classes, indigenous ceremonies, Zumba, events, community clinics and dance.

We need a large room with lots of light so we can paint our beautiful Somos Agua ~ We are Water murals— to provide art therapy in a time when mental health is so vital to our beings.

We need a small room for our clinic space— so we can continue to provide free HIV and STI screenings, and where our volunteer nurses and physician assistants can provide screenings and treatments.

We need training rooms— to educate communities not only about their mind, body and spirit and food as medicine but also to learn about the impact advocacy, policy and built environments have on us.

And of course we need outdoor space— to continue to put in gardens, because we know the importance of planting seeds.

We are no strangers to a fixer-upper and have pinterest boards for days. We are seeking people, a building and/or land in alignment to support our evolving and dynamic worldview of interconnectedness.

We are moving forward with our collaborative strategic plan and seek like minded individuals, companies and land owners. Please feel free to contact Adrienna Corrales Lujan the Executive Director of Sisters of Color United for Education.

  • SOCUE currently coordinates assessments of resources, network and engage residents of Sheridan and other Denver residents for inclusion in policy decisions, especially with regards to built environment and development. With the community, this project aims to develop new or improved ordinances centered on policies and practices that elevate health equity goals around housing to benefit current residents that fear displacement including mobile home park residents.

    This project continues to strengthen the multi-sector coalition of business leaders, incoming developers, government officials and grassroots community members that currently exist within Sheridan.

Creating the sacred spaces that reflects inner beauty and develops the built environments that allows community to thrive.