La vida se fluye constantemente pero todos los ríos no mueven el misma dirección

OLLIN is the symbol of our organization’s heart, including the Board of Directors and the Finance Administration. As the center it brings all the elements together to make our work and the community’s work WHOLE.

Realistically we only understand time because of movements in space and quantum reality comprehends that all points of time and space are connected. WE find ourselves as the catalysts of social movements and our authenticity is the capacity of building trust in community ad with community members as equals. Honoring the input and contributions that our community members are willing to share. We observe the progress of evolution as a revolving effort that is helping us to return to the wisdom of ancestral practices. Observation of the biological process reveals that every human is born with four elements that generated from the umbilical chord that was originally connected to our mothers. Those four elements can be organized as- Physical – Mental – Spiritual – Emotional. And thereby each is connected to an element of our world – Earth – Water – Air – Fire.

Sisters of Color United for Education – SOCUE, has organized its work into these same four directions, all bound together and supported by this movement that is the center like the Quincunx.

Our Board of Directors, Execu3ve Director and Finance manager occupy the center ring and the work
that we do is allocated to one of four departments accordingly to their purpose, intent and expected

The Mission is: “To Cultivate Promotor@s to defend the health of the community”
In that spirit we resonate with our planets natural and original four elements so that natural
collabora3on will coalesce. These four departments have an alignment with each other that is complimentary to the phenomenon that we observe in nature.