Individuals, Families, Communities & Society

La vida se fluye constantemente pero todos los ríos no mueven el misma dirección

OLLIN is the symbol of our organization’s interconnectedness and the holistic vision required for individuals, families and communities to thrive. As catalysts of social movements we recognize our organizational strategies, infrastructure and evaluation platforms are strengthened as we reflect our own biological ecosystems.

Just as our indigenous model of leadership, the Promotora Program, which was created by SOCUE, is mimicked and has created systems change, we believe our emerging model will be yet another innovative  foundation to co-create intergenerational opportunities for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. This is done through our HEAL (Health, Education, Art and Leadership) initiatives.

The integration of the four elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) is the basis for our work, each element representing a separate initiative, with a specific strategic plan, and team of community members and networks.

Our Board of Directors, Executive Director and Finance departments work in tandem to assure the services, finances, data and evaluation are streamlined throughout the organization. 

Our Mission; “To Cultivate Promotor@s to defend the wellness of the community mind, body and spirit.”

In that spirit we resonate with biological elements to reflect an ecosystem where these four departments have an alignment with each other that is complimentary to the phenomenon that we observe in nature.