Online services are still active!

Todavia estamos ofreciendo nuestros servicios por internet.

Contact Us for Covid-19 Help

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Our Services

  • Community meetings
  • Mental health tele-health
  • Exercise, yoga and culture classes
  • Family art and enrichment activities

SOCUE has been active in responding to the current pandemic in every way we can, providing food, emergency financial assistance through our National and local network.

We understand these challenging times may be affecting the communities we serve:

  • Those who lost their job due to Covid, and/or continue to put themselves at risk for a paycheck.
  • Those with documentation issues who are not eligible for federal aid
  • Those who work in service industry jobs who may not be eligible for unemployment.
  • Those with high-risk preexisting conditions

SOCUE is stepping up to serve our communities in the following ways:

  • Providing access t tests.
  • Emergency financial aid in the form of groceries and assistance for uninsured, and front line workers, including CNA’s, nurses, construction workers, janitors and housekeepers, and Promotoras
  • Working in collaboration with 2BeHealthy (Dr. Janet Galipo Dr. Laura Stuve), Advanced Wellness Partners, and Balanced Health to provide preventative care and supplements.
  • Creating bilingual literature to raise awareness for preventative measures to minimize the spread of the virus.
  • Additional and nationwide support and care through Bodytalk and BodyIntuitive distance sessions and supplements for people testing positive to alleviate progression of detrimental symptoms.

Providing these services and assistance keep families safe and in their homes – making it less likely for them to contract the virus, therefore alleviating  burden.