Project Description



Plazas are the sacred spaces that we use to house community projects and where life can flow into the foundation of our work

Como el agua se moldea entre los espacios sagrados, tenemos varias plazas para presentar nuestros proyectos y alimentar las raíces del trabajo

Water is LIFE. Sisters of Color gives life to its work and projects through the variety of spaces that we inhabit. Spaces that we transform. Spaces that we share with Community and artists. 

HEAL Denver is our community space located at 938 west 8th ave. Denver 80204. It’s one of our newest locations and there people can access our wellness services as well as art projects and community groups that share our values can host small meetings and events. 

We currently incubate the work of these grassroots community organization:

  • International Indigenous Youth Council – Denver Chapter
  • Black Actors Guild 
  • Connect-in-Dots Yoga studio
  • Danza Azteca Group Huitzilopochtli
  • Abby Moon and Crescent Dance
  • C B Daddy
  • Neluayotl Body Talk

ALTHEA Center for Engaged Spirituality is our Admin space and individual counseling
location in Capitol Hill neighborhood at 1400 Williams Street. Denver 80218. We collaborate
with a variety of local groups in this space. There is a small theater available for rental use that
can seat up to 75 people and a dining hall with a commercial kitchen that is capable of seating
100 individuals comfortably. Use of those amenities must be arranged with the ALTHEA staff
and Board of Directors. – This historic building was supporters of Women’s Suffrage back in the
1920’s when it was called the Divine Science Church of Denver. Current partnership include:

  •  Mariposa – LGBTQ counseling
  • Apprentice of Peace Youth Org

PLAZA Aztlan is another location we acquired in 2007 located at 2895 west 8th ave. Denver
80204. IT is an investment property that is leased to a licensed Medical Marijuana business.
This space housed some of our early conventions like Soul de Roots – Colorado’s first urban
farmer convention and where we incubated the ART-in-Motion project that promoted local
artists to build the capacity for Hip Hop artists to move beyond street graffiti.

WESTWOOD Unidos is a local grassroots collaboration of residents that began with Sisters of
Color PROMOTOR@ model trainings back in 2010. They have mobilized community members
and local business owners to develop MERCADITO located at 3762 west Morrison Road,
Denver 80219. The Westwood Food Cooperative is an example of the success that SOCUE
programs and education workshops contribute to grassroots development and the way our
spaces are not simply physical locations that our staff integrate. We have always been in
community recreation centers, churches and public schools to provide services and workshops
and collaborate with community members that want to build healthy and self-sustainable

Just as water is very transient and can morph its composition from a liquid to steam, to
rainclouds and snow flurries or icicles, the capacity of ‘WE’ as members of the human family to
adapt and nurture the seeds of tomorrow is critically aligned to this area of our work. Testing in
local homeless shelters or rural towns. Giving health education workshops in Community Rec
Centers. Attending to social justice reform movements and practicing new therapies and
modalities that assist people with changing the negative cycles in their lives. These activities
are always practiced with an OPEN DOOR policy and sliding scale fees for community
members that live and work in their own barrio.