Project Description


Wind and Air is Spirit and present in all things, it is an unconditional connection to the great spirit and every living breathing creature is capable of artist expression.

El viento es aire cual se conforma entre todas seres vivientes, un conexión sin condicional con el espíritu santo que nos da capaz de expresarnos con arte

ART IN MOTION – Movement through space generates wind and the invisible consistency of air that is omnipresent and omnipotent reveals the power within. Breath is the single most critical element of your daily walk. Stop your breath for 8 mins and you will no longer move in this dimension. Your life would terminate, and perhaps the only thing remaining would be the impressions and artistic manifestations that you were capable to produce in life.

SOCUE believe that art is the highest form of expression that the human being is capable of. Our ancestors in Mexico used the term TOLTECAYOTL, which is the essence of artistry. One way to translate it would be ‘The art of living in harmonious beauty’. For millennium people have developed language and symbols to communicate to each other the thoughts and feeling they are experiencing. Art in its various forms – Music, dance, poetry, visual and imaginary mediums have given us the means to share our human experiences with others in a deeper and more meaningful way.

The Ehecatl department of our agen

cy is dedicated to the pursuit of complete liberty of expression through cultural and artistic approach. We are developing a mobil art unit that provides the materials and create temporary sacred space for artists. Everyone can find a medium for artistic expression. Some people have greater talents and experience with specific art forms like music, dance, poetry or painting, but there are forms of art that we seldom appreciate. There are methods for inspiring the artistic participation and many forms have a link to our hidden desires and ambitions.

We currently are generating new video content with our community projects and they are available to view at We welcome comments and input. We partner with any community groups and share artistic values but prioritize social justice issues, cultural reunification, Equity and wealth building for historically disadvantaged populations. We recognize the need to reform and remodel the systemic racism, agism, sexism, ablism, and blatant misrepresentation of pre-hispanicAmerica, more properly called ANAHUAK or TURTLE ISLAND.

SOMOS AGUA MURAL – Beginning in Saguach, Colorado with students and parents our founder Belinda Garcia developed the first mural tapestry for SOMOS AGUA. This collective art project has since expanded to Jeffco Indian Education and in Sheridan Colorado. This tapestry is a four foot wide – 145 foot long silk mural. There are plans to expand additional lengths of silk in other communities and we welcome opportunity to collaborate. The project lasts almost two months from design to finish and intends to extend throughout Colorado and beyond. The title means WE ARE WATER and invites children of ALL ages to appreciate the reality of our relationship with water and the need to protect the limited access that we have.

DIRTY POURS – small group sessions of art building techniques for work with acrylics in exploratory design. Organized by appointment and pre-scheduled preparation this growing art practice of blending and abstract imagery is available to everyone that has a desire to create.