Project Description



Como la Tierra se forma la base, también la educación es nuestra capacidad de transformar

Capacity is built through education and today even more that means comprehending a fresh perspective to what we have been indoctrinated. Sisters of Color is Colorado’s oldest Promotora de Salud program. Since 1989 we have been educating Women, Trans and Men of all backgrounds to have a clear understanding of holistic health and the vital connection with our ancestral links. Everybody has ancestors that once lived as natural humans and developed social/political systems that cultivated a balance with mother nature and with one another. People all have individual experiences but only together do we actually experience the human condition. We are social beings so much that isolation is a detrimental form of abuse. Promotor@s help to break the cycles of abuse that we have become accustomed to.

Our Promotor@ education model has developed organically and even tailored to adapt to specific populations or social circles. Collective goals are emphasized and a realistic review of family systems is an important step to seeing people combine their efforts and achieve goals. The process includes a cleansing of our personal trauma and Harm Reduction is the principal method that our programs are designed around. Being without judgement or expectations for those who become involved. Reducing harm is not always the same for everybody because different people have varying levels of comfort, pleasure or ambition.

The earth is our home and is unique among the stars, where billions of planets exist. Just as you are unique among the billions of humans. So the earth like you have many different layers and organs that function together so that She can cycle through the stages and manifest. Just like you have different organs – liver – heart – stomach – blood – bile and brains. The Earth needs the forests – rivers – plants – insects – animals and humans too. When these organs function together well, the body is healthy, the mind is sane, the emotions are calm and the spirit is fulfilled.

MIND BODY SPIRIT – This curriculum is the overall basic Promotor@ curriculum with 60 hours of training and exercise that moves people from self reflection into actualization and revives our sense of purpose and gives a chance to reflect on why we do what we do. This and our following education programs are all group led and interactive weekly or weekend sessions that encourage participation and open dialogue.

MI VIDA SU VIDA – A shorter version of the Mind Body Spirit tailored to groups that are seeking to reduce drug abuse or emotional and physical abuse relationships. This was adapted in 2006 and is registered as a ‘Best practice’ for Latino communities by the Colorado State Health Department. This curriculum is generally 40 hours long.

LA VIDA BALANCEADA – Balanced life is a second tier Education program focused on nutritional health and wellness. Providing more specific details about social justice and health disparities such as Diabetes, Heart Health, and Poverty. This training is 40 hours of education accompanied by 20 hours of exercise and fitness education. It is preferred to be used for those who have received the previous trainings and want to build on the knowledge and advocacy in Health Care systems and Peer Specialist certifications.

LEADERSHIP TRAiNING – Highly tailored education groups with 20-30 hours of group learning and 10 hours of required volunteer work in the community or with other training groups. These trainings are specialized for people that want to work collectively in their community and provide social services at a variety of exchanges. We have often contracted these services to institutions that want to get cultural sensitivity training for their staff and student groups that are enrolled with social service objectives.

GARDENING – is increasingly become renowned for the grounding benefits of connecting ourselves with the Earth Mother and appreciating the value of our plants as sentient beings that respond to our energy and provide our bodies with proper nutrition. We currently have volunteers in half a dozen community gardens around the Denver Metro area.