Project Description



El fuego nos indica la transformación que se requiere cuando trabajamos a sanar las traumas del pasado

Wellness services have always been an approached with innovative and holistic perspective. Founders of SOCUE began with women’s circles meeting around the kitchen tables and providing support and advocacy for each other. The common history was affiliated with Curanderismo and folk healing practices passed down from generations but integrating modern science and best practices by collaborating with other community agencies. Some of the members had spent years working in central America and Mexico where Promotoras de Salud are more common health workers in the community. 

As the agency grew and expanded there have been multiple disciplines that Promotor@s can specialize such as Nutritional Health, Social Justice advocacy, Education and Cultural identity that has helped community members expand into the greater Health Care system and socio/political areas of the city of Denver and beyond. Many of our early projects were centered on HIV prevention and Education and today we still do provide free services to People Living with HIV/AIDS. We also provide free testing and have a unique capacity to engage difficult populations such as IV drug users, Homeless, under insured and undocumented or refugee populations. 

We often partner with larger institutions in areas of health disparity but have been challenged by systems that have rigid standards with care protocols. Where some clinics prohibit new ideas about treatment we have often been estranged for teaching and offering alternative methods of treatment such as Reiki, Body Talk, crystal energy channeling, Kratom, Psilocybin, ritual dance and shamanic awakening. The key principal is a treatment method that provides participation. We never call people clients because we expect that they participate in their own healing and make decisions around self determination for what they decide is optimal health.


  • Mental Health counseling
  • Substance abuse screening and brief intervention
  • Psychosocial support 
  • Yoga – Dance – Body Talk
  • Art therapy
  • Ritual cleansing
  • Gardening

COUNSELING – we offer one on one counseling on a sliding scale fee basis but more productive is the Promotor@ education groups that provide a self discovery focus through group sessions that meet weekly. Motivational Interview and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE – we practice Harm Reduction through our approach that seeks to meet people where they are and evaluate on a non-judgmental lens that recognizes the societal traumas and family histories that often create triggers and pitfalls for relapse. Finding a path to sobriety is unique to most people and allowing people to find their own path is the reward

PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT – can be a variety of methods from group education and social gathering, to helping

individual exploration of emotional and spiritual awareness. We believe in respect for all religious or spiritual beliefs but cannot ignore the often self damage from guilt and shame that is too often imparted.

YOGA – DANCE – MOVEMENT – Our space hosts weekly Yoga and all women belly dance instruction as well as Native Mexican Aztec dance practices that open to everyone that wants to dedicate their extra time and build relationships. 

ART THERAPY – is held at monthly first Friday events in our Heal Denver space and during special events and contractual opportunities we

have group led and collaborative projects that use a variety of art mediums.

Día de los Muertos alter building is one example.

RITUAL CLEANSING – can be a renewing and recharging of our life’s energy. Most practices are self guided but we do have access for group session like Native Sweat Lodge and smudging techniques that utilize herbs and essential oils.